tips and tricks how to make your dog happy

How To Make Your Dog Happy [UPDATE 2021]

Dogs are man’s best friend and they can make us very happy. The most important factors to keep your dog healthy and happy are exercise, a balanced diet, routine veterinary care, and playtime. However, there are many other ways you can increase their happiness by providing them with additional activities like playing games or giving them toys to chew on.

Here are few easy ways that will help make your dog the happiest pup around!

tips and tricks how to make your dog happy
the best advice on how to make your dog happy

Give Your Dog Toys

All dogs need toys to play with. You can buy them professional-grade dog toys or you can find some on your own like a tennis ball, squeak toy, rope toy, and even cardboard boxes!

Dog toy
Ho to choose the best dog toy for your pup

They will enjoy the challenge of nibbling away at it or trying to work out how they might be able to get going again to make that squeaky noise. Dogs love toys, just be careful not to give them too many, or else it can lead to a dangerous situation where they accidentally swallow something that could cause damage internally (this is why you should always monitor your dog’s behavior when they have a toy).

Think of a dog’s toys as an artist’s palette, just like you need to change up the colors in your brushstrokes. Dogs need to switch out their favorite toy every once in a while. Rather than having all ten balls lying around or hiding under beds and couches. Rotate them with different ones. Just don’t forget that new items are not always necessary– sometimes rotating old favorites can be enough!

Give your dog something to do!

Dogs need jobs just like people and it will keep them busy. You can teach the tricks they know or how to retrieve certain objects from around the house like their favorite toy or one of yours! It’s also a great way to tire them out and make sure they’re having a good day too.

Let Your Dog Sniff Around Outside

Dog in garden
How to play with a dog in the garden

Dogs are natural explorers so let them explore! Take your pup outside on an adventure by letting him sniff around the yard or some other off-leash space that you know is safe. This will allow him to burn off some energy and have a good time outside. 

One of the best ways to make your pup happy is by letting them sniff on walks. Walks are more than just an exercise for dogs, it’s their time at the day when they get to explore and discover what’s going around in the neighborhood. Dogs use their nose instead of eyes so let them check out all that goes on with a few minutes break during our walk where you stop and allow him/her to smell everything up close like leaves or flowers!

Give Your Dog Some Space

Dogs need their space just like people do, especially when they’re stressed out or feeling overwhelmed by something like thunder from a storm. Giving your dog his spot on the couch, bed or just a designated area of the floor is a great way to help him de-stress.

Play Games With Your Dog

Dogs have so much energy, they must get plenty of time to play and be active. One game you can try with your pup is fetched! Throw his favorite ball or toy and let him chase after it-he’ll be tired enough to take a nap right afterward.

Give Him Lots of Attention

No matter what your dog looks like, your pet needs lots of love and attention! Some of them need more than others. For instance, shy animals might prefer gentle petting while a hyper pup would enjoy more interactive play. Make sure you spend time with them every day so they can feel loved. For example, this can be walking in the forest.

Find What Your Dog Enjoys Doing Best

Some dogs prefer running around outside while others might want to curl up with a good book or snuggle on the couch next to you. Figure out what your dog likes best and put it into his schedule!

To give a little shortcut please have a look at these tricks:

Find out what your dog enjoys doing best

2. Take the time to do that activity with them

3. Watch their reaction and try to replicate it as often as possible!

4. Consider getting a second pet so they can have someone else to play with

5. Play games like fetch or hide-and-seek indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather

6. Spend some one-on-one time playing with them! Even if you’re busy, make sure they get at least 30 minutes of attention each day from you – this will help create a strong bond between you both and ensure they feel loved and cared for even when no one else is around!

Understand That Dogs Are Different From People

This is a key point that many people often overlook. Dogs are not humans and they don’t always react to situations in the same way so you should never forget their unique personalities.

1. Dogs are not people.

2. Dogs can’t speak so they express themselves through their actions.

3. Dogs don’t have any sense of time or space.

4. The best way to understand a dog is by understanding the world from their perspective – what do they see and smell and hear all day every day.

5. You should always be aware of your dog’s body language to identify if your dog is feeling uncomfortable.

6. If you want to know how your dog feels about something try looking at it from a different point of view for a few minutes.

Dogs might prefer gentle petting while a hyper pup would enjoy more interactive play.

Let them be engaged

When You’re Away Is to keep your dog occupied and engaged when you are away from home for an extended time! This is one way that many dogs can get anxious without their owners around- they become bored or lonely and start chewing things, barking, or worse. 

Your dog needs to stay stimulated, but sometimes that might not be possible. If you can’t give them the stimulation they need because of work or other obligations, don’t worry! You’re still taking good care of them by making sure their senses are engaged at all times when you are around. And it doesn’t take much: opening up a window will keep their sight and sense of smell sharp – even if they have nothing else to do with themselves in the house – as well as keeping hearing active since sound is carried through open windows easier than closed ones. It also helps stimulate their instinctual behaviors like jumping out an open window into some grass below; we just recommend using screens so this never happens!

Offer Lots of Love and Attention

Your dog needs as One Tip that isn’t on this list is one way you can give them lots of love! Dogs don’t need fancy toys as much they need love and attention.

Exercise Your Dog Often. Dogs like to be active!

Make sure you’re getting them enough exercise and not just at mealtime.

Limit their car time when you travel

It’s stressful for some dogs who are used to a certain routine when they’re on holiday.

Give your pup a bath

You might think that a bath would be boring for your dog, but it can make them feel very happy! Try to praise and talk with them during the bathing process. Throw some toys into the mix too if you want even more fun at the end of an already good time. The happier they are when taking baths, then they will enjoy every minute of bathtime whenever such occasions arise in their daily lives

Get a good quality food

Always invest in high-quality healthy pet foods and treats for your four-legged friends!

Dogs need high-quality food to live a healthy life. They are living longer than ever before, but they still need the right nutrition to keep them healthy.

The food you buy for your dog isn’t always as good as it should be. There’s a lot of low-quality or bad products on the market that don’t deliver what they promise. 

You can use some of the brands because of their high standards and commitment to using only natural ingredients in their foods. Their small batch recipes are made with fresh meat and fish from trusted sources around the world so you know your dog is getting all the nutrients he needs for long life without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Cheap foods often contain fillers like corn and wheat which are not good for dogs because they can cause allergies and digestive problems.

High-quality dog foods typically have more protein than cheaper brands, meaning that your pup will get the nutrients they need to grow strong.

Check the label of any food you’re considering buying – if it contains byproducts or chemical preservatives then you should avoid it at all costs.

If you want to give your pet some treats, make sure they’re low in fat and calories so that he or she doesn’t get too many extra pounds on their frame.

You’re tired of buying dog food that doesn’t deliver on its promises. Your dog is always hungry and you feel like he’s not getting enough nutrients from the food you buy for him.

Perfect dog food should deliver all the nutrition your dog needs to live a long life without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors! Their small batch recipes are made with fresh meat and fish from trusted sources around the world so you know your pup is getting all.

Imagine having dog food that makes your pet full, energetic, and healthy with every meal. The best part is knowing it’s made with high-quality ingredients so you don’t have to worry about your pet being harmed by artificial preservatives or colors in his food.

Always invest in high-quality healthy dog foods! 

When you feel like switching up your dog’s menu, make their own delicious DIY doggy snacks! Incorporate a few items they enjoy but remember not to overfeed or deviate too much from their regular diet lest it causes an upset stomach.

Spend Time With Your Dog When You Get Home From Work

1. Dogs need to be taken on walks every day

2. Make sure your dog has fresh water and food at all times

3. Don’t leave your dog outside for more than a few hours or they’ll get lonely and bored

4. Spend time with your dog when you get home from work – play fetch, go for a walk, take them to the park 

5. If you’re going out of town, make arrangements with someone else in the neighborhood to feed and care for your pet while you’re away so they don’t end up getting neglected or abandoned by their owners

6. Give dogs lots of attention when they come inside after being outside – let them sniff around the house first before saying hello so that it doesn’t overwhelm them because some dogs are shy about coming into new environments

They miss you just as much as you miss them!

Get Them Their Bed

So they have a safe place where they can sleep and feel secure. They need a bed to call their own that is comfortable for them.

Best dog bed
How to choose the best dog bed

What size bed should you get for your dog?

There are three options to choose from: small, medium, and large. The best type of bed is going to depend on the breed so you must know what breeds a particular pet belongs to before choosing one.

A good rule-of-thumb is also giving them a bed size two times bigger than they are. Here at, we have many different types of beds including memory foam pads and additional options as well.


1. Dogs need a bed, too!

2. There are many different types of beds to choose from.

3. The most popular type is the memory foam dog bed. 

4. Memory foam is great because it’s comfortable and doesn’t overheat your pet as some other materials do.

5. If you’re looking for something cheaper or more durable consider a cedar bed or an orthopedic dog bed.

6. When choosing a size, make sure that there will be enough room for your pet to stretch out comfortably on their side without touching the sides of the bed with their front paws.

Give Your Dog A Treat When They Do Something Good

This will reinforce good behavior!

1. Dogs are pack animals and they need to know where they stand in the pack.

2. A dog’s behavior is often a reflection of how its owners treat them.

3. You can give your dog a treat when they do something good, such as going potty outside or coming back when you call.

4. Treats should be used sparingly to avoid spoiling your pet.

5. When giving treats, make sure that it is healthy for your pup.

Your dog needs a lot of exercises

Hey, it’s not just your kids that need to burn off some energy. Dogs also have a lot of pent-up physical activity which they release through exercise and playtime with their families or friends!

Some of us are lucky to live in a place where it’s always sunny, but for the rest of you out there who have to brave unpredictable weather patterns like snowstorms or hurricanes your dog is missing out. When was the last time they ran around outside? Your pup needs some fresh air!

Make sure they don’t get too bored or restless and have plenty to do outside the house.

1. Dogs need exercise every day, even if they are not active all day.

Many dog owners do not have time to walk their dogs every day. Dogs need exercise, but most dog owners can’t always take the time they need to give their dogs what they want and need. The best way for a dog owner to make sure that his or her pet gets enough exercise is to hire a professional dog walker who can come by each day and let the pooch get some fresh air and playtime in an enclosed yard or park.

2. A tired dog is a good dog – make sure your pup gets enough exercise each day.

3. Exercise can be anything from a walk around the block to playing fetch with your furry friend.

4. You should plan on at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for most dogs. It’s a good idea to set aside this time in your daily schedule so you and your pup can both enjoy the benefits!

5. Make sure to have plenty of water and treats available when you’re exercising your pup! They need to get the energy they need while being active!

6. If you don’t have time for an entire 30-minute workout, try breaking it up into smaller chunks throughout the day or week instead!

Spend quality time with them.

They need their pack leader around all the time so make sure you spend plenty of quality time with them and don’t neglect their needs.

If you have more than one dog makes sure they get enough attention from their pack. This is important for their emotional health.

1. Exercise your dog for at least 30 minutes a day to keep him or her healthy

2. Give them plenty of attention – play with them, give them treats, and cuddle up on the couch together

3. Provide mental stimulation by teaching tricks and training them to do new things 

4. Set aside time each day for just you and your pup! Spend some quality time outside walking, going on hikes, or just laying around in the grass together 

5. Keep their nails trimmed so that they don’t scratch furniture while running around inside the house

Dogs Need A Daily Walk!

You know it’s bad when the weather outside is frightful. But don’t let that stop you from having fun with your pup! Indoor playtime can be just as much of a blast, especially if you have some creative skills to make the best out of this situation. Hide and seek – one game guaranteed to make any dog happy! Pick a good hiding spot for yourself while they stay put; then praise them after they find you!

Take them on a walk every day and have the opportunity to explore new things in addition to being able to relieve themselves of pent-up energy by running around – make sure you don’t forget this! They want their daily walks done as soon after waking up as possible so make sure you take them out when the sun rises for your pup’s energy levels not to drop during those long days at home alone while their owners work or go off doing something else.

1. They need a daily walk to remain healthy

2. A daily walk will also help your dog’s mental health by giving them the chance to explore their surroundings and interact with other dogs

3. Walks are a great way for you to get outside, too!

4. The more time your dog spends walking, the less likely they’ll be to bark excessively or chew furniture when left alone at home

5. Make sure your pup has enough water before heading out on a walk so they don’t become dehydrated from all that exercise 

6. Be mindful of what type of surfaces you’re taking them over – sidewalks can be hard on their paws if you have an older dog who doesn’t move around as quickly anymore.

7. What if instead of walking your dog to the same park or neighborhood every day, you took them on a new adventure every single day? You could explore different parks and neighborhoods. Every walk would be an experience unlike any other!

Make sure they get the right amount of food to keep them healthy and happy

Ask your vet what is best for them and also check recommendations on the Internet.

1. Discuss the importance of feeding your dog the right amount of food to maintain their health 

2. Tips for measuring out the correct portion size 

3. How much should a dog eat each day and how often they need to be fed (e.g., every morning, every night)

4. What are some healthy foods that can be given as treats or supplements in addition to their regular meal 

5. Why is it important for dogs to have access to water at all times, even when they’re not eating or drinking anything else 

6. The consequences of giving them too little or too much food

Teach them some basic commands like sit, stay and come.

Teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to keep training interesting for both you and your pup. Some easy-to-learn fun (and impressive) tricks include weaving through the legs, playing dead, delivering treats from hand to paw with a “chase” or leapfrog over an object on their back – all skills that will wow friends and family!

Training doesn’t have to stop after teaching sit, stay & lay down–plus it can be more exciting than ever before. Teach your dog one of these easy but impressive tricks: weaves between the human’s legs; plays ‘dead’ by rolling onto its side while being petted gently on top of its head; delivers food items in exchange for “hunting”.

This will help ensure that they are safe around other animals or people. And it can also come in handy if they ever get lost! With every passing day, your dog will be able to learn something new and the process is always fun! You can teach them things like tricks or make sure they know how to follow basic commands. They might not become a show-winning agility champion but if you work with their natural enthusiasm for training then it’ll still be worthwhile in the long run. The old saying that “old dogs cannot learn new tricks” isn’t true, so try anything fresh and exciting as often as possible because life goes by fast – one of these days soon enough there won’t be any more time left for learning!

Make sure you keep your home clean for them

Treat your companion like your best friend.

1. Ensure to clean up any mess your dog makes even if it’s just a little mess.

2. Keep your trash can in a place where the dog can’t get it.

3. Don’t leave food out on counters or on the kitchen floor for your pet to eat.

4. Put away shoes and other items that might be tempting to chew on.

5. Change bedsheets weekly so they don’t smell like urine or sweat from our pets. 

6. Use an air freshener when you vacuum so that you don’t have to worry about a bad smell in your house.

Keep their nails trimmed so they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else when playing outside

This is easy! You just need a regular nail clipper which you can buy from

Why do you need to trim your dog’s nails?

The answer is simple, it feels good. I’m sure they don’t want their paws to hurt any more than we would like our hands or feet getting scuffed up and scratched with every movement.

How to safely trim your dog’s nails?

So, you think that trimming your dog’s nails is an easy task? Think again! It can be a stressful and dangerous procedure if done incorrectly. The goal of this article will help guide you to safely clip your pup’s claws without any injuries or mishaps along the way.

First off make sure they are calm before proceeding with clipping their nails. Take some time to get acquainted with how long each nail needs to be cut down to not have them grow too fast – which could lead to painful bleeding and infection from bacteria buildup due to pressure on toes by longer nails.

What type of clippers should you use for your dog’s nails?

Nail clippers are a tool used to cut the nails on dogs. The type of nail clipper you use for your dog depends on their size and need but typically there is only one basic style that can be found at pet stores or online.

How often should you keep up with clipping their nails?

It’s a question that an experienced groomer and owner of two dogs get asked all the time. The answer is simple: as much or little as your pup will allow it!

What are some things that might go wrong if I don’t clip my dogs’ nails regularly?

A couple of possible consequences that come to mind are dogs may not be able to walk properly because their nails will get caught in things, and they might also have an increased chance for injury.

Keep their teeth squeaky clean for a happy healthy dog

They can’t do this themselves so you must brush them at least twice per week and use dental chews to help keep those pearly whites in check!

Your best friend also need their own space where they can relax or play when the mood strikes

A garden is perfect for this but if your dog doesn’t like it try giving your pup an area that isn’t seen by guests or family.

1. Dogs need a place to relax or play when the mood strikes.

2. They don’t want to be on the couch with you all day.

3. Give them their own space, like a dog bed in another room.

4. Provide your pup with plenty of toys and chewies so they have something to do while you’re busy doing something else.

5. If your dog is used to sleeping in bed with you, consider getting them a new pillow that smells like you.

6. Make sure there’s always fresh water for your canine companion.

Make sure you’re doing your part to keep the environment around them safe

Make sure they can’t get into any toxic substances and remove anything from their reach that could be harmful including electrical cables, trash bins, etc.